Graham Trainor -

Christy O’Neill



a fighting oregon labor movement

We are humbled and proud to launch our campaign for President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Oregon AFL-CIO. At a time of record economic growth and low unemployment numbers in our state, working people continue to fall further behind as inequality grows.

Billionaires and corporate CEOs are hard at work trying to keep working people down, attempting to silence their voices on the job like they thought their Janus case would do. They continue to realize more and more economic gains while workers struggle to get by. Despite their best efforts and constant attacks, a change is coming across this country and across Oregon.

Educators are walking off the job and winning for their students, behavioral health workers are fighting for their rights in order to better serve their clients, fast food workers are unionizing to demand dignity in a low-wage industry, and young people, looking for solutions to their economic challenges, are turning to the Labor Movement.

Our Movement is strong, our Movement is not backing down, and our Movement will never stop fighting for a fair and more just economy. As we prepare to lead, we are excited to hear from you, our affiliate unions and leaders, about how the Oregon AFL-CIO can best meet your needs, and how your State Federation can best prepare for the changing economy and fights for economic justice ahead.

Please use this site to get to know us, join our campaign as an endorser, and complete this survey about the future of the Oregon AFL-CIO. Thank you for all you do for Oregon’s workers. We look forward to continuing this work with you in the years ahead.

In solidarity,

Graham & Christy

Shared vision for the future

Building a federation-wide culture of organizing

Looking at the examples of collective action on the rise across the country and right here in Oregon, our Movement must provide pathways for workers who say they would join a union today if they could. The Oregon AFL-CIO must maintain a strong focus on strategic organizing and membership growth. Over the past decade, our team has identified countless ways to support the organizing efforts of our affiliated unions; we must expand that focus in order to grow, innovate, and maintain a strong Movement in Oregon.


growing our statewide capacity - regional focus

With our regional field program fully implemented and full-time staff strategically located in three key regions of our state, the Oregon AFL-CIO is well-positioned to support affiliate unions in communities across the state through organizing, political/policy, or strike/bargaining capacity. The Federation must continue to look for ways to strengthen and solidify our presence as a go-to resource in these communities, and chart innovative paths to build progressive power at the local level. Our team has done great work in recent years building local Labor capacity around the state, and we are excited to build from that and chart pro-worker local political agendas in the years ahead.

supporting affiliates first

The most important way for our State Federation to maintain its ability to advocate for all workers and for all of our affiliates is by relentlessly fighting to keep a strong sense of solidarity within our Movement. Our Federation must work hard to maintain strong relationships with all affiliates, both big and small and from every sector, and ensure every group of workers represented feels like the Oregon AFL-CIO has their back.


prioritizing racial and gender justice

Economic growth in our state continues to favor the wealthy and well-connected, and leave behind others - with women and workers of color disproportionately left behind. Our focus on racial and gender justice has been a priority for a number of years, our prioritization of coalition work with like-minded partners continues, and groups like OWLL (Oregon Women Labor Leaders) are currently charting a path forward. We must expand and deepen this work in the years to come. Whether it is through training resources, developing and implementing a policy agenda aimed at combating economic and social inequities, or continuing to look for ways to support affiliates in this work, we must expand and improve our efforts to ensure our organization and Movement are more inclusive advocates for working people.

protecting workers in a 21st century economy

In recent years, the legislative and policy work of the State Federation has expanded significantly as we have honed our role as a true voice for ALL Oregon workers. With persistent and record economic inequality in the state, we must continue to lead policy and legislative campaigns that make our economy more just and fair. Further, as the economy changes with technology and automation threatening worker protections, and as so-called “gig” or app-based industries flourish, our work and strategy must evolve and change in order to continue to build power for workers in the economy of the future.


Strengthening our political operation - winning for workers

The current Oregon AFL-CIO team has built the largest independent political field program in the state over the past five election cycles and has had great success. As campaigns change, our political program must also change, and we are excited about building the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art operation in order to continue to win for workers at the ballot box. By continuing to innovate and grow Labor’s approach to political campaigns, bringing the collective power of our boots-on-the-ground theory of politics to bear each election cycle, we can continue to keep working Oregonians at the table pushing for a more fair and just economy.

“Graham and Christy have what it takes: the experience to lead, the passion for our movement and the vision to take the oregon afl-cio to the next level.”

- Tom Chamberlain, Oregon AFL-CIO president